Friday, May 06, 2005

VFTW and Survivor

Good news! Vote For The Worst's site is back up today!!! They have switched to Anthony.... If you'd like to support the cause, or just see what all the fuss is about, click here. Now on to Survivor.... As Survivor started this week, I couldn't help but to be pissed off at these remaining assholes for booting Steph last week. Like I want to sit here and watch you guys who I now extremely hate battle for a million dollars? Well... you know I will anyway... but that's beside the point... I want Steph back! Anyway.... We start off with Tom telling Caryn that she's the outsider and she'll need to win immunity if she wants to stay here... The reward challenge was a trivia challenge... if you get it right, you get to throw one of three handles in front of each of the survivors to knock them out.... Greg ended up winning and got to take two people with him... He showed his alliance with his choices... Katie and Jenn... So they took off on a yaght and got to shower, then went up for a massage.... Greg's "friend" took over the massage and slaped his... uhhhh..."friend" on the butt... Looks like it's family visit time.... Katie's brother-in-law and Jenn's sister also showed up. The saddest part was Greg and his "friend" looked like they were the closest out of all of these folks... poor things... Anyway, they did make me jealous tonight.... they pulled into a cove and hopped out to go snorkel with dolphins. Lucky bastards! Meanwhile, back at the camp.... Ian brought up the fact that Greg seems to have some control of the girls... Katie and his bunkmate Jenn. He suggests that they go ahead and shake up the alliance now and vote for Greg, even if it means a tie vote. They decide they'd rather take their chances with the purple rock than let Greg take control.... The immunity challenge was a series of past challenges that half of these people have never participated in... First, a rope maze- Caryn is out... Next, a puzzle... Katie is gone... Next, eating Balutes puts Greg out... then Jenn goes when she can't untie some knots. Leaves Ian and Tom in a shooting competition... we learn why Tom is a fireman and not a cop... he can't shoot. So Ian has immunity. Right before tribal council, he pulls Katie aside and tells her of the plan to boot Greg... she decides that she better go along rather than risk getting the rock... so Greg is the next one gone. Next week, Ian and Katie yell at eachother... and Katie and Jenn go after Caryn.... Ya know, if Caryn would have gone with the girls last week, Steph would still be there and we'd happily see the guys getting devoured right now.... Who knows how it'll turn out now.

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