Thursday, May 12, 2005

Anthony - you are the weakest link... Goodbye!

Well.... Anthony is finally gone! It will be a thrill to sit down and not listen to his nails on the chalkboard voice week after week... But what I really want to know is... WTF was up with Carrie at the end... Sh was bawling and mouthed "I Love You" during Anthony's final song... Is something going on there? I thought Kerrie had some kind of taste. Maybe with it being her first time out of a small town... she found this foreign kid an adventure or something... I don't know... Strange days indeed. So our final three are Bo, Carrie and Vonzell... Anybody want to put money on Vonzell making it to the final two? I'm sure the payoff would be enormous... I'm sure it's a million to one odds. So I guess we have two more weeks till the "Little bit coutry/Little bit Rock-n-Roll" finale between Bo and Carrie. Want to see something really funny? Check out who Vote For The Worst has as their pick now.

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